Discover Our Health and Safety Regulations

The following safety information applies to the full range of room odorizers, liquid aromas and exotic leather cleaners. It is important that you read these before purchase. They concern our leather cleaners, wood conditions, and room aroma neutralisers, as well as much more. Please make sure that all products are kept well out of reach of all children.

Harmful When Swallowed

In the event that our products are swallowed, you must drink two glasses of milk or water and induce vomiting. Call a physician or a poison control centre immediately.

Severe Eye Irritant

In case of eye contact, make sure that you flush with plenty of clean water. Call a physician as soon as possible.

Skin Irritant

If there is contact with the skin, you should wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.

Do Not Inhale

Make sure that you are only using our products in large, ventilated areas. Do not put near your nose or mouth and avoid direct inhalation of contents.

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